Jager Bomb


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Product Description

Sounds like it goes with some Rockstar...and it does! Sativa Leaning hybrid is a great daytime smoke- fun, potent, and barely a come-down...get this beauty quick before it's gone

Named after the dark alcoholic beverage from Germany, Jager Bomb is a hybrid strain with a tinge of black licorice in its aroma. Little is known about its genetics, but rumor has placed Jager Bomb somewhere in the Hindu Kush genealogy or a cross of LA Confidential and Blue Dream. Some also suspect it was bred and popularized in Southern Oregon. As stupefying as its name makes it out to be, Jager Bomb's full-body effects are better described as relaxing than sedating.



Hammerwench 2021-10-16 02:34:22

This is some nice weed. The buds are nice any fluffy but not powdery like I hate. The smoke is nice and rich. The buzz is calming. I especially love the smell of this one.

Pierre 2021-09-29 06:24:06

Nice buds good high not too harsh. I do recommend

Supernatural1971 2019-11-05 12:41:32

Wow LA x BD is pricy but 2nd best Hybrid of 2019 1st 24k gold This is very close! Looks & taste 9.4 High10 24,5% THC Hybrid Smokes 10 Treat yourself perfect Feel!