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Product Description

Meet Natuur, a Certified Organic line of premium CBD tinctures that focus on supporting a healthy lifestyle through plant-based medicine. 

Natuur Isolate Oil concentrates the best components of the hemp plant into an easy to dose tincture, allowing you to reap the natural benefits from one bottle. Natuur’s Isolate Oil is Hemp derived and Co2 extracted in Canada, and is used to help with:

  • sleep and insomnia
  • muscle aches and pains
  • anxiety and depression
  • inflammation
  • arthritis
  • seizures



Guy M 2020-07-28 02:21:59

This will be the second time ordering this product. Love it. Stong and helps with my depression and sleep issues. I'll keep buying at the regular price cause its good value but today's sale makes it really nice. thanks, cheebas