Huckleberry Soda Hash by Mercedes

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Product Description

The famous well-loved hash that so many depend on for a go-to everyday smoke is now in Huckleberry Soda strain. This is a pungent, fruity, and malleable hash, similar in texture to the traditional Merc hash.

The strain, Huckleberry Soda, is an 80% indica...expect to be chilling out hard after hitting this one.

A good buy if those holiday bills have just showed up!


Expect strong body effects and sleep.



Murray 2022-03-28 12:28:13

Great value hash, stonger then a lot of more expensive hash I’ve tried

Bong Ripper 2022-01-11 07:42:20

price is right, not as nice as the highest grade but you get a great value for the money. I've tried other regular merc hash and this is prefer way more. Keep up the good work. Cheebas hash menu is insane. I'm like an unsupervised kid terrorizing a candy shop.