House of Glass - LA OG Shatter


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Product Description

House of Glass LA OG Shatter. This is a 50% hybrid shatter and is welll know for being a heavy hitter.

This powerhouse strain is a cross between LA Confidential and OG Kush, it takes time to hit but once it spreads throughout the body and limbs your couch will look irresistible. Enjoy on a lazy day.



BillyDaKid 2020-03-25 11:05:00

Disappointed sums it up quite nicely Strange orange colour maybe reminiscent of fog in LA during rush hour the same for the smell odd to say the least like overripe sour citrus fruit if ya know what I mean Reminded me of the smell of jail hooch Smoked the same way it smelled pretty much. It had me producing extra saliva and gave me the coughs. Sadly won’t be buying this one anytime soon.