Hog Sativa Tutankhamon Shatter


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Product Description

HOG Sativa Tutankhamon Straiin


Happy | Energetic | Earthy | Sweet



upbuzz 2020-03-31 02:40:50

Very potent, a little scary but what you want in good shatter.

FO Biggles 2022-01-09 12:40:46

Need to be careful with this 1. It's best to cut it into small pieces with a blade. Then, using a good torch & burner, pop a piece in. Smoke ½ the ... smoke, leaving a nice thick cloud behind in the bong or whatever for a nice 2nd toke. Or blow the whole thing in 1 go! This 1 defeated my inner Chong without so much as a fight (he tried, but it was not to be). Now, if that isn't enough, it's a bit of a creeper, so don't go blowin' a bunch of little pieces all at once expecting immediate results-- you know, over-consuming while waiting for "something" to happen. It will happen. Put on some tunes, relax, & enjoy the ride! A SOLID 4 STARS.