Sorbetto 7g Herban Legends


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Product Description

We are filling the Showcase section with only the best quad quality flower options out there in rare and unique strains. We loved your feedback and requests for unique smoke and we listened.

Sorbetto is a cross between Zkittles X Sunset Sherbert and Magnum Opus. Coming in as an Indica Dominant Strain approx. 60/40 split. This is a super fruity strain with a long-lasting high that brings the focus need to get things done. This happy tingly state expands the mind. You will end up on the couch if you smoke too much. With moderate 20-23%% THC this is great for inflammation, appetite loss, and pain.

Remember the best way to ensure freshens of premo flower is to can it.



Bruce Ree 2021-06-14 09:47:31

Really ncie strain but i bought it thinking it was an indica...i smoke at night and was too stoned to sleep...wish i smoked earlier