Grape Cookies


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Product Description

Grape Cookies.

The new hybrid is unique looking and has a strong lemon funk gasy aroma. Here we have a strain that is Tropical Cookes X Grape god. The aroma is earthy pine with sour grape on the exhale, very enjoyable. The sativa dominant strain will leave you feeling energetic with tingly happiness at the start of the high but moves to a more relaxed state with creative motivation.



Dillon L 2021-05-19 06:42:08

Bought this and some pink Gas zero zero hash. Been smoking them together and the pairing is more dynamic than when peanut butter met chocolate.what I can say for sure this is some spectacular herb. Accurately named since it looks and somewhat tastes like bunches of grapes. What I can't say is what's bringing on this almost narcotic feeling high but what I will say is get yourself some of this and some of that and get down with this super high.

Robbyn Ratzlaff 2021-06-16 09:01:17

enjoyed the grape punch taste with a following taste (cookies) that was different had a different after taste from smoking the joints strong smelling interesting color almost purple when breaking it up flavourable & intense