Gorilla Glue Indica Pressed Bubble

Bubble Hash

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Product Description

<p>We've had some great pressed bubble hash before- and the Gorilla Glue is 1 of 3 new beauties to come in stock! The texture is soft and medium oily, very easy to work with. A bit of sticky fingers, but easily manageable.</p> <p>The nose is rich and with a perfume-ness to it that fills a room. Honestly, this stuff smells great!</p> <p>The high is strong but not overpowering. It comes on quick and last for a good amount of time before the indica crash finishes your night.</p>



Uncle Bingo 2023-08-07 09:31:50

This is a bodacious variety. Only had a third of a spliff and all is fine and dandy. Recommended.