God Bud Indica


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Product Description

God Bud For Sale- 18% THC

Classic BC Bud for sale Online in Canada

Here's some sticky icky! God bud is one of those BC strains that reminds everyone which region grows the best stuff- Canadian Westcoast...all day!

This strain is perfect for the medicinal patient, and seasoned stoner alike; a heavy couch-locking indica that takes effect right after exhale.

The high is mellow, but not couch-locking. Good for football on Sunday, or in the evenings.

You'll feel like the guy in the TV room in The Matrix when you're high on God- but don't fool yourself, you're a stoner on the couch.



Supernatural1971 2019-09-03 06:07:48

I Love God!!! Enjoyed this after 8pm desert & a great meal. Very dreamy beautiful high! Taste 10 looks 9.4 buzz 7.77 Long, fun, creative Sense of well being! Cheebas description & Donalds review 100% accurate

donaldsugggmailcom 2019-01-20 12:27:07

The description is quite accurate - A very nice smoke with a distinct lift which is quick and keeps on giving - would highly recommend as late afternoon smoke-

donaldsugggmailcom 2019-01-20 12:27:02

It is all it is said to be - A very nice and potent high any time of day - feels like the first joint of the day even if its not - highly recommend and would have bought considerably more if supplies were available - also, not just with this weed, but Cheeba does humidity control well and the weed is beautifully cured for rolling in joints - hats off again