Gelato x Do-si-Dos Full Melt Hash

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Product Description

Full melt Gelato x Do-Si-Dos

Potent and aromatic, the new line of full melt hash is for serious smokers! The full melt process maximizes the THC-rich trichomes and utilizes them in the hash-making process to capture the aroma- full melt hash seems to have the best smell of any variety.

This hash is beautiful, not just in smell but looks also- the brown color is void of plant matter, it’s soft and easy to work with. Slightly oily, this stuff burns true!

Gelato (hybrid) crossed with Do-Si-Dos (Indica) brings a body-numbing experience to a whole new level. It’s not a knock-out strain, but it will leave you feeling dopey, happy, and tired. A great choice for an evening smoke…try it now!



Mikachu 2022-03-28 12:29:58

True story: I am a veteran smoker with a very high tolerance.. This stuff is absolutely amazing. So amazing I started feeling sad for my fellow Québécois, the ones who dont speak english because damn are they missing out! I started to think of a proposal I could bring Cheebas to translate the site to french and promote and stuff...I got pretty far with it all and im feeling great bc I KNOW this is a great idea people here will go nuts! ...... Aaaand then I realized the big yellow "FRENCH -->" was there and I went to bed lol. Love love love!!

Martha Stewart 2022-03-28 12:29:36

This hash is amazing! .. now I wouldn’t quite call it full melt, it’s not 70 or 90 mesh full melt hash and you can’t burn it on an enail or a banger, which is obvious by the price as well. This hash has minimal ash content, and is very smooth for an unaged hash ... this is a steal of a deal for solventless extract!... I am a big chronic smoker and this hash has more than enough umph to get me were I’m going without burn out or couch lock ..this hash doesn’t hit like traditional it’s more like comparative to shatter or rosin having a nice top end psychosis stone ... it’s a good thing!

Squiddo 2022-03-05 09:36:16

Tell me you're Kootenay Full Melt without telling me you're Kootenay Full Melt... "I'm Gelato X Do-si-dos Full Melt" :) Heheh! They are both almost identical. Perfect and strong! You won't need 4 - 5 doses plus infinite boosters for it to supposedly work. No 95% effective snake oil over here ...Just perfect hash with long lasting effects and flavour. Trust the hash soyentists guyss!!

Mark 2022-02-15 11:22:58

Very good stuff..hard hitting longlasting buzz taste SMELL PRICE ALL PERFECT THANKS CHEEBAS

Marty McFly 2022-02-13 04:58:21

Yep. I fixed the wall for a good 30 minutes. Out of my last order my fav one; texture is wonderfull! Never had hash that malleable, no heat needed. Squishy as said by Hulkberries, yet properly dry. Nose/taste is tropical which contrasts with the common hashy/earthy tones found in most hashes. Buzz was excellent as well and potency is above bubble. I had like 2 hoots and it was more than enough.

Hulkberries 2022-02-02 03:39:57

Dry but squishy at the same time, crazy texture. Easy to hot knife one of my favourite full melt it’s one of those smells you can never get enough it’s 5 stars plus a wow after every puff!