Forever Phoenix

Phoenix Tears are one of the most sought-after medicinal cannabis products due to concentrated potency, lack of psychoactive high, versatility in use of cooking or the option to simply take the oil. Forever Phoenix uses a proprietary system including lab testing the materials and ingredients to ensure a smooth delivery of targeted effects. 

Phoenix Tears Are Perfect To Use For:

-Sleep aid

-Pain relief 

-Relaxing anxiolytic

-Nerve disorders





-Crohn’s diseases

and many more!

Forever Phoenix ensures their extraction and refinement as their products are thoroughly checked to ensure complete safety and quality. Forever Phoenix’s products are made from cannabis strains high in THC. They also use organic 99% pure ethanol alcohol to extract and winterize the oil, to create a strong, clean, medical grade product.

Get your natural healing remedies from Forever Phoenix delivered to your doorstep from Cheebas.