Factory 710 -Full Spectrum- Gods Gift (HTFSE)


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Product Description

Terp sauce is a HTFSE. That clunky acronym probably doesn’t help. Maybe when we break it down into “High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract”? Nevermind. All you need to take note of is the “full spectrum” part. Genuine terp sauce preserves all of the molecules locked in every trichome for a more complete cannabinoid and terpene extract. This is not just another high-THC concentrate.

Terp sauce resembles applesauce with granules of sugar floating in it. The crystals are actually THC-A and the syrupy liquid is rich in terpenes. Terp sauce is not something you can make at home, just like you can’t exactly make your own Heinz ketchup. The secret of the sauce is science. A lab, specialist equipment, high-quality dried flowers, and processing/purging know-how are all essential to make the magic happen.

Increased potency is owed to the “entourage effect”, as far more compounds are extracted, rather than just THC. Even the most talented extract artist can’t create a concentrate to match terp sauce. Not only does the full spectrum extraction process boost flavour, it also makes it smoother by filtering out all the unwanted lipids, waxes, etc. 13% or higher terpene content and 40%+ THC is the standard for HTFSE.