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Product Description

The Cherry Oil is offered in both an Indica version and a Sativa version.

Cherry Oil from Evolve is a super-potent medicinal oil recipe created from the extraction of active compounds found in the Cannabis plant then extracting the terpenes and cannabinoids. The THC Cherry Oil is packaged in a high-quality syringe for accurate dosage control and a screw-on cap to protect the precious oil.

This high THC oil may have heavy psychoactive effects and can allow relief from conditions including, but not limited to: insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, nerve pain, muscle spasms, and appetite loss. The Cherry Oil is filtered and winterized to remove both chlorophyll and waxes in addition to other plant material.

The THC Cherry Oil can be vaporized, applied topically, or ingested sublingually.



DeanW 2022-04-16 12:34:35

Very clean and smooth stuff right here

BP 2022-01-02 01:45:08

Absolutely no complaints to this oil! Tastes fine and hits HARD lol

Teach 2021-05-04 09:10:30

A oil to really look into! Give the absolute best energic highs when eat. Pretty heavy stuff, ill say maybe 800mg pure thc in it!

Bayern 2021-09-25 12:12:54

I found the kootenay honey oil more potent, this had less help with my neuro pain