Double Tangie Banana


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Product Description

Double Tangie Banana is a carefully crafted strain brought to us for the first time from a local craft grower.

This is an addictive strain for both its effects and aroma. Enjoy earthy, sweet tropical notes with diesel undertones. We all keep smelling the bag of weed and find it difficult to describe but we all say it is intoxicating. This is a sativa high no doubt. Expect an uplifting, happy, social experience. A great daytime strain that comes on fast but not a gut punch, let creative your juices flow and create.



Frank B Qc 2020-12-18 04:33:50

This is a real treat. 10/10. Smell like banana candy.

Roberto Simone 2020-12-06 01:16:11

If you’re looking for a unique terpy flavour profile then look no further, this strain is it!! Double Tangie Banana FTW!!!

Super naturally 2020-10-02 02:27:25

PD spot on Price reasonable Rare tangie x banana. Fragrance 10+ top notch Open a box fruit loops pour Chardonnay on it Smoking a pleasure! Effects ghost of x Crockett fat banana fun, sexual, social and creative Bag appeal 10 23.33% THC Recommend