Dealers Choice Import Hash Pack - 7gr


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Product Description

Import Hash Pack 7 grams of the best of the Imports we have.

This is a one and done choice when looking to try different hashs', find your favorite and explore the options available from around the world. If you see the hash under the Import section then it could and will end up in your Hash Pack.

No one loses here, give this a try and save serious bucks. As the title says this is deal's choice but there will be 7 different Import Hash options for your enjoyment.



Bayern 2021-06-29 11:52:30

Worth it to try out a variety and see if you find something new you like

Mike 2021-04-16 01:13:00

Good choice for a newcomer, try different varieties, see what Cheebas offers. 7 grams for $99. makes it a little over $14./ g. which isn't bad. Some were pretty good, some were just okay. But if you already know what you want you may be better off getting your favourite.