Dealers Choice DOMESTIC Hash Pack - 7g


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Product Description

Domestic Hash Pack 7 grams of the best of the Domestic and Premium Domestic Hash we have.

**Note that none of the Value Hash options will appear in your Hash Pack and yes Tegridy Farms is included in this pack.**

This is a one-and-done choice when looking to try different hashs', find your favorite, and explore the options available. If you see the hash under the Domestic or Premium Domestic section then it could and will end up in your Hash Pack.

No one loses here, give this a try and save serious bucks. As the title says this is the dealer's choice but there will be 7 different Import Hash options for your enjoyment.



Bayern 2021-06-29 11:53:02

Worth it to try out a variety

Mike 2021-04-16 01:12:03

Good choice if one who wants to check out what varieties Cheebas has to offer in domestic hash. It was a decent selection. However domestic hash is not my thing. Being one that has smoked hash since the late 70's, I prefer to go towards something "old school" kinda thing, mostly for the good ol' taste. What can I say...I was spoiled.