Cookies N Cream


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Product Description

As small-batch growers, the product can't be beaten but the inventory goes in a minute. Treat yourself today.

Cookies N Cream is a new strain of Cheebas that will delight the hybrid lovers out there.

A beautifully balanced high that is just the right amount of Sativa and Indica. The aroma of fresh baked goods with fresh earthy pine.   After a few puffs, I had gotten a giddy type feeling and the high lasted well into the afternoon. This one wasn't too heavy on the munchies either which was surprising considering the initial smell. The strain was made by crossing an exclusive Girl Scout Cookies cut with Starfighter. 



Bayern 2021-06-29 11:53:13

Some good dope here, relaxing

Sir smokes a lot 2020-02-24 06:22:02

This one is pretty unique, I would say it’s a must try. It’s creamy, smooth, hints if pine. I like it.

Hashishian 2021-05-06 06:12:40

Was a little dry when I got it a couple of days ago, after two days in the boveda jar, it's already way nicer. Similar to Tropicana cookies in taste, heavier stone for a sativa.