PPM - Chocolope Hash

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Hash made from the Chocolope strain, Same hash maker as many of the other preimium domestic hash varieties.



Al 2020-05-16 02:00:20

I bought this a second time, awesome.

Oldmanyoung 2019-07-21 02:51:49

Yes chef! This one will wake you up. Perfect for night shift concentration.

Montreal Hash Smoker 2019-04-07 12:27:24

Taste is light and no hard hit on the throat. The buzz was heady. I just did not like the way it breaks up, it seemed a little dry when pressing it into a block or ball and would not keep a good shape. I like more oily hashes that I can mold and mend into a ball or block and not have then fall apart in my pocket. I did not get the chocolate that everyone else mentioned when tasting it. I actually got that chocolate smell and taste from the Rolling Stone hash from here but not this one.

sativalvr 2019-02-21 11:50:42

I agree with lucidcat. Want to add, this hash overtook the tobacco which I rolled it with. Chocolatey, nutty and cofeeish. Very nice in the morning. Makes the mental go on with the day. You felt energized, but rather focussed than hazy. So, you check boxes on the list, while being relax at it. One of my favorites, but hard to get nice chocolope grown right at a decent price. I use mainly for ADD / Stress. Hard to come by a sativa that is not racy, not too dreamy, clearheaded. No burnout as well, you continue your day refreshed!! All of my hashes from cheebas have been fantastic so far. Still have to try ISS and cheese.

Lucidcat 2019-02-01 11:21:12

This is a great hash. Very heady, chocolatey scent/flavour. It's a strong, clean high but it doesn't leave you feeling couch locked. Lots of giggles, everything seems lighter & funnier. Got rid of my headache super quick. Felt relaxed, stress/anxiety melted away gently and completely.

Supernatural1971 2019-01-23 04:11:03

Wowed me again! Exhale in hale like Belgian chocolate. Very potent! High 10 Bts 10 Scent 10 Taste 10 outta this world! Great fudge remind 1 of $20 hash. Tornados in glass bottle 500ml Smooth for potency! Tread lightly. few puffs hits bots all that is required! The buzz was like headband met diesel finished with gorilla glue #4 Euphoric borderline Psycodelic but Body buzz felt like I was floaty no dizzy all in a good way this mite b better after 8pm like mint In Quebec after 20h lol Not wake n bake recommended. loss Train of thought now I fell like amnesia haze x I cant remember 0 munchies hay eyelids 0 dry mouth AAAAA flower used Happy blissful mooneyes with a Not a care in the world. this review perhaps. Re order great job Cheebas doesn't set the bar, They r The Bar! take that Cesaro nd Shameful lol craving Thai food & or girls listening 2 Murray head 1 nite in Bangkok took 30 minutes type this usual 15 laugh @ that chocolicious Chess any 1? Like a Thai Glow baby Adam cole nxt champ

Kari 2019-08-16 11:08:51

Solid product, soft in texture and easy to chunk but not overly oily. Nice flavor and potency. Smokes slowly and clean.

Kittybong 2019-04-21 12:53:51

Just got hints of chocolate taste, was still a nice treat though. Harder than a lot of other hash I've tried from here. Very cerebral high for me.

Paul C 2019-04-05 06:51:34

Taste is 7, Smoke is smooth 8 , high is a 10 , pure sativa high !