Chip Mints 7g can Tegridy Farms


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Product Description

Chip Mint is almost a perfectly balanced hybrid and is considered to be on the rare side. The bud is tasty and lives up to the name. No need for guessing here. A hit of chocolate, an earthy mint that burns out with a rich spicy note. The high crashes your mind immediately with increased energy (not a cup of coffee) but motivates and allows your mind to soar, create and think.

The indica side of this keeps you balanced, grounded physically. Not sedative but close. A great early evening smoke. Tegridy chose this quad for their can collection for a reason, you'll be happy you did.



Shawn 2022-05-22 10:39:45

Real nice taste anything I got from herban legend is the tastiest weed I've ever smoke and the buzz number one super white ash super clean and well done ty so much guys for these best taste my taste buds ever add