Cheeba Cones Tuna Melt 6 cones


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Product Description

Try Black Tuna x Chiesel rolled together for an indica leaning trip that's perfect right before dinner.

Pre-Rolled Joints will never be the same. Cheeba Cones are the next generation of doobies. These cocktail cones consist of 4 levels of different strains that are paired and layered together to make a unique smoking experience. Call it Doobology.

Quantities limited. Like any good doobologist, we believe in quality ingredients. The weed used for te cones are the popcorn from the strains we currently carry. We pack all the nice nugs up in grams and quarters, and use the rest for these soon-to-be-famous joints. Once we came up with the idea, it's our new favourite way to smoke!

Each pack has 5 cones that weigh between 0.8-0.9 grams. The filter and paper weigh just under 0.2 grams. Basically it works out to a little over 3 grams of actual bud- no stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks!