CannaLife Botanicals JOINT Balm 10ml stick (Small)


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Product Description

Our balm is deep penetrating and heat activating providing immediate relief to pain without intoxicating effects. Combines the potent synergy of cannabis sativa, comfrey and nettle plant medicine.

*All ingredients are top quality and organic when available.

Ingredients: Cannabis and nettle infused olive oil, beeswax, castor oil, comfrey-infused sweet almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, essential oils of lemongrass, ginger and cedar wood. 

Lab Tested (THC per unit):
10ml stick: 30mg



zina H 2020-08-25 03:27:55

I bought this for my dad who suffers from sciatic nerve pain in his leg and he says it helps him huge. it smells so good and I believe all th natural ingredients are very beneficial . im so happy my dad has a easier time to walk now . please dont discontinue this product