Canadas Best Derivatives Sour Diesel Shatter


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Product Description

Sour Diesel Shatter from Canada's Best Derivatives at Cheebas

Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant hybrid that lives up to it's name. Enjoy it's strong terpin sents of gasoline, citrus and spice. Expect a warm and pleasant head rush to come on quick.

Sour Diesel the day away.




Enrico Smo Kwid 2020-06-21 11:43:25

Love it..!

Reese 2020-08-09 10:09:28

Loved the smile it put on everyones face, kept me high and energetic for a long period of time, I Actually went for a walk! Very Sweet for the Price Point, Clean smoke, I'm sensing concistancy from "CBD"... Will Buy Again; One of my Favorite Strains.

Max 2020-07-25 01:48:04

I found it looked great but did not deliver . Also no taste before or after smoking. Personally will not be ordering this specific one again