COOKIE Monster Sampler


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Product Description

Life is great and if you love THC cookies it just got better. We went through our product line up and picked the best, sorted for variety, and are delivering you a Cookie Monster approved selection and save 25$ every day of the week, no sale needed.

Each pack has:

1 Box Chocolit Milk Covered Cookies 4 cookies a box 50 mg each | 200mg THC total

1 Long Beach 200mg Peanut Butter Cookie

1 Long Beach 200mg Chocolate Fudge Cookie

1 Krav Lemon Drop Ya Cookie 80mg

1 Krav Chunkie Chocolate Cookie 80mg

1 Krav Gluten Free Brownie 80mg

1 Weed Cookie Chocolate Oatmeal 80mg



Supernatural777 2020-09-24 10:39:15

Krav 80 mg flavors all 4 great brownie my fav variety 10 Long Beach 200 mg very strong half at a go with these great combo would buy again or individual edibles microdosing healthy benefits weed control