Blueberry OG Sift Hash

Sift Hash

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Product Description

Blueberry OG Sift Hash at Cheebas

A strong (as always) sift hash offering that leans way to the indica side. We smoked this in a glass pipe and once we had passed it around a few times the newly formed "crash test pilot" team (their words not mine) were all flying high. The high comes on quickly and make sure you're not far from a bed or couch!



Bayern 2020-06-08 11:35:52

Squished a quarter of this and smoked a bit if that quarter the rosin was to die for tho when I cured it and made it butter up nearly white

Squiddo 2020-05-07 11:25:54

Once pressed, sift hash tastes better when cured out of the container for at least a couple of weeks. If you have enough patience, try a year in a mason jar. If you are more for the piney notes of trichomes and also to get rid of the common leafy-earthy aroma of most sift hash. The harder the better (that's what she said). I still broke a chunk to roll for a feel and i'm already satisfied. Big white clouds ..quick take off!

Karianne M 2020-04-15 02:28:38


Supernatural1971 2019-12-23 03:59:29

Nice Bog Sift # Taste very BB 9.3 all boxes effects very Indica as in PD BB or OG fan Kushberry This Sifts for You! 32.3% THC