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Blue Coma


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Product Description

Blue Coma is at Cheebas for the first time. This rare strain comes to us from the Fraser Valley of beautiful BC and is sure to amaze.

Yes, this is a Sativa dominant hybrid but lets focus on the COMA part of the name for a second. This strain has high THC of about 25% and will force your body into a deep overwhelming relaxation that finds a way to deliver a sense of focus, uplifting euphoric sense that just leaves you happy.

Find a cozy place to chill, but don't plan to sleep for awhile.

We been told the smell is overwhelming so beware if this is a concern to you. Blue Coma from us to you, enjoy.



Earl 2020-04-02 05:53:01

This weed is awesome! Kinda makes your face go numb lol. I have a high tolerance and i vape only (arizer solo) and the flavor was super as well. potency - 8.5 Taste - 9.0 smell - 9.0 value - 9.5 Thank you Cheeba's for being there for all of us through the covid-19.... a big thumbs up