Black Star


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Product Description

Amazing strain! This new hybrid is meant for heavy hitters! The high is mentally cloudy- everything will be funny for about 2 hours...don't plan on getting much work done, you won't be burnt out, but you won't be making any sense.

The buds have a nice squish to them- they are fresh and not too dense, so they break up nicely for joints.



Shawn 2022-06-06 10:51:07

Real nice green gets you nice and stone for hours I like it cheebas I got to say you guys I've set me up with the nicest gear to smoke thier is ty guys. One thing I really like from you guys stuff is that every joint u smoke there's always a nice ring of oil that runs down your joint as you puff it there's quality. And anyone that as as many kinds of green and hash varietie to choose from when I get high I am a lucky guy and that is ty to you guys that they should invest in cvault containers to keep it all fresh I have those and I'm glad I do I never have any dry stock my personal smoke is always nice and at a perfect smoking stage thanks to those cvault I recommend those to everyone that can enjoy nice quality smoke