Black Mamba


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Product Description

Black Mamba is a deadly African Snake and also a hard-hitting weed strain now.

This is an Indica leaning hybrid that comes on quickly and is known for a dreamy hazy high that gives an upbeat feeling in the begging then mellows into a deep state of relaxation. The effects are long-lasting, so plan some time, be close to a couch, and lean into an amazing evening.

This current batch is hydroponically grow, so it's potent, but there have been rep[orts of a couple seeds. We dropped the price to reflect it



DeanW 2021-02-08 01:17:22

Really liked this one

Super naturally 2020-11-28 12:25:34

2nd x seeing this... Voodoo x Viper I guess multiple green buds relaxed and chill hunger for brisket price nice rare hybrid Ind Dom buzz big long S shaped nugs