Black Friday 42g Flavored Hash Sampler

Value Hash

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Product Description

14g of Cool Pineapple + 14g of Coffee Crisp + 14g Of Arandano (Blueberry) = the best value flavor hash pack available.

42g of our three newest flavored hash brands at a deep discount for Black Friday. These are popular at regular price, we expect them to fly off the shelves during this sale.

Cool Pineapple

Another great addition to our value hash lineup. Cool Pineapple is an easy-smoking hash with hybrid effects. The high builds slowly and starts in the head and eyes, then moves throughout the body. This is not a couch lock experience but we did become very snacky. All this with a great price and a gentle pineapple taste

Coffee Crisp Hash, this is the adult version of the "nice light snack"

The aroma will bring back your childhood of the chocolate bar with the same name, or if you're living your best life, hopefully, you still enjoy it today. With this beauty, the high is hybrid in nature and smooth. The aroma and taste are a perfect dessert to the end of the day, or treat yourself and enjoy a little time for yourself during the day. It won't knock you out but will be the treat you need to knock the stress of the day off your shoulders.

Arandano - Spanish for Blueberry

Prepare for a delightful surprise with this hash! It's not a mistake - it truly carries the aroma of fresh blueberries!

Blueberry Hash is crafted locally in British Columbia, known for its exceptional quality. This unique hash variety is made using the real Blueberry Kush strain, which lends a delectable and fruity terpene profile to an already impressive hash. To ensure the purity of the final product, only the trichome heads from Blueberry Kush are carefully sieved. These resinous trichomes are then rapidly frozen before being pressed, preserving the delicate natural terpenes present in Blueberry Kush. The result is a sticky, flavorful hash that perfectly showcases BC's cannabis expertise!

***no substitutions, while supplies last****