Big Bud 1 oz


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Product Description

Big Bud is an Indica dominant hybrid known for strong body high. Known for being a creeper, expect it to start slow and keep building up to a disoriented foggy state. This deal smokes great and gives a very pleasant high. But you ask, Why is Cheebas pricing it so low?

This big bud is priced low because it is dry but let's be real you need to light on fire to enjoy it and if you can get over that, this is a good time.

You have been made aware, great smoke but the bud is dry.



Super naturally 2020-11-20 10:41:13

It's dry and I'm surprised...Psyc Great weed after 48 hours in a jar with big boveda pack brought back to life nice buzz recommend I think it's Big bud but not original re: Cali Donk method changing the parents

TvoTyler 2020-11-09 11:22:06

until now I only have bought hash from cheebas !Wish I bought more this is great if it's still in I'll buy more! Btw what happened to getting merch with my orders? wear my lnyard and use my cozy and the cheebas lighters !

CanadianMetalFan 2020-11-03 12:05:41

I don't think this is actually Big Bud, but it is a great smoke and gets ya lit. Baptize that joint, mix in some Ketama gold hash and away ya go, lovely smoke, not harsh, like dry weed can be. Crazy good deal for the quality, under a $100 with the 20% off!!