Baby Yoda Claw


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Product Description

Baby Yoda x Skywalker

Baby Yoda usually puts you to sleep like a Jedi, baby Yoda's Claw is still very much an indica, but there's some hybrid in there. The high is more potent and lasts a bit longer than just the parent strain...and skywalker is an all-time favorite so this strain is a beauty for night time use!

Sleeping you will be. Or at the very least couch looked. Baby Yoda is known as a potent Indica strain that builds up to an intense high that provides heavy body and mind sensations. Couch lock for experienced users leading to deep pain-free sleep. Due to these heavy tranquilizing effects, medicinal users can use Baby Yoda for sleep issues, chronic stress, and depression.

If there is work to do or tasks to get done this is not for you, chill at home, a good movie, and a great sleep. The smoke is not easy to hide indoor smokers have been notified.




wickensboy 2020-06-23 03:06:53

Effect 9.0, Flavour 8.5, Not too dry - a little sticky. I would recommend. I like this one !

Nas 2020-05-31 05:31:42

Chet 2020-05-30 11:28:59

This is the second time I have ordered it. Both time I got 5 nice joints per gram. I love consistency.

CanadianMetalFan 2020-05-26 03:23:46

Ordered this Thursday night, it arrived Monday morning. Another potent offering from the Kootenay grower that left me with a stupid grin on my face. I wasn't sure what a Baby Yoda Claw was, but I'm glad I found out! Large, chunky, juicy buds. Exceptional!

OGconnoisseur 2020-05-20 01:38:50

The FORCE is strong with this one. Nice looing buds and scent, recommended for seasoned smokers.

Shift smoker 2020-05-17 01:43:13

Definitely a fast acting strain hits quick and you peak quick and the buzz is a little shortened compared to some other strains but def a great strain for those time constraint and just want a quick 1-2 hr buzz. This stone is intense though and comes on you quickly no waiting for this one to kick in.

Chance 2020-05-06 04:08:24

I love this baby yoda claw! Will not disappoint you

Chove 2020-04-28 11:14:36

This stuff is fuckin amazing. Will definitely buying again.