B.E.S.T - Bargin Edibles Sample Taster


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Product Description

If you enjoy gummies and think variety is the THC of life then we got your back. Cheebas to the rescue. What is in the BEST other than saving 30$ every day, no sale needed, if there is a sale even better for you.

2 bag Potluck Gummies - 10 pieces at 20mg each | 200mg per bag, a perfect dose

2 Bags Nano Tablets | Full Spectrum 5mg tablets | 20 Tablet per bag | 100mg per bag. Perfect for those who like a little discretion.

2 Bags Remedyz 40mg per bag | 2 gummies a bag

2 Bags Forbidden Fruit 10 gummies a bag | 20mg each | 200mg a bag

Enjoy this sampler pack and the huge savings.

*** This pack has a little mystery involved. The brands and dose stay the same but the flavors depend on constantly changing inventory. We pick, you enjoy.***



Supernatural 1971 2020-09-23 08:46:19

Great bundle the 5 mg tabs were fun to eat few every 20 minutes My buzz was steady ate the sour keys sour strawberries Really enjoyed eclipse 20 mg Taste authentic love the THC oil taste they hit quick steady nice length Potluck best in class fresh strong tasty 10 combo my remedy 40 mg I ate both then buzzed long