Amethyst 7g Hybrid Heban Legends


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Product Description

Amethyst Quad Can Collection From Herban Legends

Our shelves are filling up with the best weed on the market from the best growers. This is an Indica dominant hybrid. Its name is most likely passed down due it's powerful purple bud with green undertones but the strain is a cross of Sage n Sour x Granddaddy Purple.

This is a hard-hitting strain with a spicy berry and earthy aroma and flavor. Smokers will find themselves hit with a non-focused head high alongside a pleasant body buzz. Unique in appearance and very pleasant in its high. These dense beautiful buds are coated in a layer of trichomes that are guaranteed fresh and are a rare treat.





Jamie 2021-10-12 12:50:24

I have seen alot of good strains from flower man alone come and go and never return, I'm talking some of the most 5 star strains that have ever even been on cheebas and it was the reason I kept going to cheebas for weed, this strain is obviously one of the 5 star strains, and I really, really do hope this one comes back, the quality of the smoke has become less and less And I hope this returns

AnonNB 2021-08-21 07:24:59

I got a bunch of canned buds on my last order. The amethyst is beautiful, smells out of this world and got me very stoned. Checked all my boxes. I like the weed in cans now.