7g Diamonds by Vancity


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Product Description

Diamonds by Vancity Labs If you have been lucky enough to try the Live Resin by Vancity Labs then you know these people have serious game in producing cannabis concentrates. Diamonds are nearly pure extracts of cannabinoids and are incredibly potent.

Offered in 3 strains Pink Grapefruit - A hybrid strain known for a happy giggly energetic high.

Lemon Haze - A strong-leaning Sativa-dominant hybrid with a refreshing flavor and uplifting effect.

CheeseCake - Indica dominant hybrid strain, enjoy a delicious flavor and relaxing but social effects.



roadkingboy 2023-02-21 12:31:41

Some one said here the weed was kind dry ,,, wish it was more wet ,,, wet weed goes moldy fast in storage ,,, best store it dry ,,, i keep smaller jars and put a piece apple or orange peel the moisten weed,,, or get a sprayer and MIST some water a little on buds in 60 min you have fresh tasting weed,,, i tested both dry and damp weed ,,, the damp weed burns slower you get less coal at end { large coal at end means your burning off about 30-40% of THC } its like a cig old dry tobacco is nasty but fresh {moist} burns way better ,,, try for yourself this test ,,, and the taste of the weed improves alot ! Glass jars work the best also storing hash can be done in freezer for long term storage ,,, hope this helps out people !