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Product Description

Kandy Kandy 100mg x 5 pieces / 500 mg per Bag / Pure Fun Collection

Kandy Kandy uses Pure THC Distillate, are Naturally Flavored, Gluten-Free and Lab Tested and best of all, tasty.

These Kandy Kandy gummies are perfect for someone who has the experience and knows what they are doing with edibles cause this company is not messing around with their Pure Fun Collection. At 100mg a gummy at this level you can't play around if you don't know what you are doing. This is a double black diamond run with only one way out and no place to stop. You need to have trained to be there and that applies to these gummies.

Marijuana edibles, gummies included, take a while to kick in- an hour minimum wait time. don't get anxious if you don't feel anything even after 90mins...each person has a different metabolism and results will vary. Give it time and take another after 2.5 hours if the effects are not strong enough. Patience is the key to success!

Check the drop down menu for your favorite flavor.

Mixed Fruit



Green Apple


These great tasting premium edibles will knock your socks off so be careful!



Surge 2023-08-16 01:49:23

Very good taste and buzz wow!!

Clinton 2021-08-13 10:32:00

Usually I had to make my own butter to get off on edibles in the past. Tolerance level being the cause of that. To much time and a hassle usually. (lazy) These gummies are nice! Took one and within an hour it kicked in, along with the incredible hash that cheebas offers...the buzz was perfect and dealt with the current pain i'm in an instant. Buy these!

Martman77 2021-02-09 03:51:51

Great gummy. Tried the strawberry flavour. Loved it. Good value and great buzz.

Paula 2021-01-10 08:03:48

Tried strawberry flavour - these are amazing! Great taste - no aftertaste or bitterness and a nice relaxing lift!

trailman 2020-11-17 08:01:29

I was pleased with these gummies. They taste alright and the results are pretty good. Recommended.

Sheldor 2020-11-11 01:08:51

Out of the relatively few gummies I've tried so far, this is my favourite. The flavour is ok, the gummy itself wasn't dried out and was easy to chew. The pieces are easy to cut in half for a pleasant afternoon.

AnonNB 2020-08-24 03:11:30