500mg THC Apollo Gummies


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Product Description

Apollo Edibles are sweet, delicious, and guaranteed to take you higher. Take off in 3...2...1

Each package has 4 gummies at 125mg each | 500mg in each pack.

Peach Mango / Pineapple - Sativa

Key Lime / Fruit Punch - Indica

Keep away from Kids and Pets



David 2021-09-18 05:13:56

Extremely effective and strong! I'm a big dude with a high tolerance so most gummies don't do it for me but 1 Apollo star gummy was the perfect dose. Great taste too which was surprising. Well worth the 30$ price tag

trailman 2021-07-30 09:31:58

Not too bad for the price. Took 1 for a walk in the woods and it was almost perfect... The taste is not the greatest due to the amount of thc per gummy.... i crunch and gulp pretty fast with a bit of water.