28g Kief Blowout

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Product Description

*** If you are a fan of our Kief selection please note this Kief is not free of plant matter, see pictures***

This kief comes from the rare Gary Satan strain and offers the delicious sweet cake batter taste and potent high that is Indica dominant in its effects. But let's not bury the lead, one ounce of kief, even if it has a little plant matter in it, for 69 dollars is unheard of.

Stock up, this won't be around long.



Amenokal 2023-07-08 09:59:50

It is what it is. Kief blowout… on sales, it was worth the try and as it doesn’t have a distinct taste, it’s best use is to blend with quality product during get togethers… at $2.5/g , it a value for money product… thank you…