1ml Distillate Vape CARTRIDGE by Next Level

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Product Description

<p>Next Level Vape Carts</p> <p>1 ML Vape Carts with standard 510 Threading. Made with Terpene rich distillate, no fillers or additives are offered in a ton of Stains.</p> <p>Grape - Hybrid</p> <p>Death Bubba - Indica</p> <p>Champagne Kush - Hybrid</p> <p>Blue Dream - Hybrid</p> <p>Ghost Train Haze - Sativa</p> <p>Strawberry - Sativa</p> <p>Pop Tarts - hybrid</p> <p>Green Apple - Sativa</p> <p>Lemon Lime - Indica</p> <p>Super Lemon Haze - Sativa</p> <p>Pink Kush - Indica</p> <p>Candy Cane - Indica</p> <p>Watermelon - Indica</p> <p>Tangie - Sativa</p> <p>Strawberry Banana - Indica</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>