150mg THC Indica Assorted Flavors Kandy Kandy


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Product Description

Kandy Kandy 30mg x 5 pieces | 50mg per Bag | Night Time Collection

Kandy Kandy uses Full Spectrum THC, are Naturally Flavored, Gluten-Free and Lab Tested and best of all, tasty.

30mg RSO gummies are a strong dose for a beginner or a medium level for a more seasoned user. It's a versatile dosage amount and with RSO instead of distillate, these Kandy Kandy gummies are in the mild 'goldy-locks' zone for edible strength.

This strength is for experienced smokers that want a good mellow daytime treat. Or it's party time for the beginner.

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Mixed Fruit


Green Apple




Mohamed Sobh 2021-08-25 03:34:44

Amazing! What's even better is how they were out of the 150mg and replaced with a 200mg! AMAZING FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH CHEEBAS!

Sofia 2020-08-24 09:30:25

strawberry my favourite