14g Frumpz by Westside Gardens


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Product Description

Introducing Frumpz: 14g of the best, Unleash the Power of this Potent and Beautiful Bud

Experience the magic of Frumpz, a truly remarkable strain that will exceed your expectations. With its unassuming appearance, this bud may surprise you with its impressive punch. Prepare to be amazed by its smoothness, clean burn, and sheer potency.

Every time you screw open the bag, a symphony of tantalizing aromas awaits. Delight your senses with a blend of refreshing citrus, subtle hints of vanilla, and an earthy undertone. A result of crossbreeding Freshwater Taffy X Grumpz, Frumpz boasts THC levels that can reach the high 20s, ensuring a truly euphoric experience.

The high provided by Frumpz is pure happiness in its most chilled-out form. It delivers a remarkable sense of tranquility without unwanted sedation. Don't miss out on the chance to own this rare beauty that will surely leave you satisfied.

Unlock the magic of Frumpz today and elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.



Dabmasterj 2023-11-09 05:22:32

This stuff is pure fire gas gas gas super nice nugs that glisten in the light and sparkle Ike little diamonds nice size nugs alott of purple for appearance and a nice strong high every bong toke I take I can legit feel each toke heavy in the head then fades slowly to a nice mellow state of relaxation