1 Oz Smalls - Island Pink DEAL


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Product Description

Small yet potent buds at a great price. To be honest the trim job on this strain wasn't the best we have ever seen. There are a few sugar leaves that could have been removed in the process but the price reelects the product. This is the smaller sized buds from the bottom half of the island pink plants.

The buds are still frosty and smoke well but they aren't showcase buds (it won't matter onde you've tossed them in the grinder anyway) Island Pink is a indica dominant flower grown on beautiful Vancouver Island. This batch althought not the best looking girl we've seen from the lsland makes up for her looks with her effects.

The high starts off slightly heady and then drifts quickly down into the body for a pleasant body stone that can be enjoyed at pretty much any time during the day. We were testing over the weekend while watching the new breaking bad movie and were nicely buzzed and even forgot about the munchies altogether. 



Supernatural1971 2019-10-31 04:05:30

There small there cheap Butt their Sticky Icky resin sopped! nice lil dark all heads high I put in bong & wow got high off little Its not 10$g Island Pink but its worth $3.31g For sure I wood pay $5g & charge $6.$7.77per g Buy This will go soon Good weed GREAT Valu More $100 OZ popcorn mix please BOB IND Hybrid Sativa mixture Royal avec fromage SVP Happy Halloween Sale (weed)

Kid Billy 2019-10-27 03:46:34

Do not shy away from this great deal! Yes I know what your thinking it’s dirt cheap it’s gonna be Crappy weed....THInk AGAIN....this is great stuff gets you Just as high as the fancy Gucci stuff at half the cost. I dunno how Cheebas does it but they managed to offer up a very very nice weed. It smells great, has a nice deep green colour, does not need a ton of grinding becuase yes as advertised the buds are small but that in no way effects the quality of this weed at all. I rolled a half gram joint, smoked half after a pretty harsh rehab workout and within minutes I was stoned as Fudged up. Passed out in my chair actually, no pain meds required. So don’t plan on being too active and maybe take it slower than I did. Not harsh on the lungs at all, smoked pretty smooth overall. Soon as I finish with this review I am ordering more. I have spent way more money in the past on weed that delivered way less. If your not a Cannabis snob and not turned off by the look of Smalls in your bag grab yourself a sack.😬